As the headquarters location for two of the world’s four largest orthopedic medical device companies and home to a host of related firms, Warsaw and the surrounding areas reflect the global, technological nature of its principal industry.

Approximately 6,800 people are employed directly by the orthopedic industry and the associated indirect employment brings the total to around 13,000, meaning that orthopedics accounts for more than 40% of employment in Kosciusko County, where Warsaw is located.

But the Warsaw region is much more than orthopedics—the world’s largest rotogravure printing press generates major catalogs and periodicals, the world’s largest projection screen company serves the education and entertainment industries around the globe, and the world’s largest processor of duck puts product in the hands of chefs and in household kitchens everywhere. Agriculture also positively contributes to our community.

And those are just a few examples of the diversified employers that surround the nucleus of the orthopedic industry and create a rich, global and technologically advanced work community.

Long-time residents and newcomers alike benefit from working in the Warsaw region because of a long list of outstanding attributes:

  • An extremely affordable cost of living compared to the metropolitan areas where other medical device and high-tech clusters operate; new recruits to the area find their housing dollars go much further than in their prior locations.
  • Relatively low property taxes, again compared to other medical device-intensive metro areas.
  • Easy commutes (five minutes if that’s what you want!)
  • Excellent schools (that are close to where you work).
  • Great outdoor recreation for that work/life balance time—Kosciusko County has more than 100 natural lakes—three of which are partially in the Warsaw city limits, and many other recreation opportunities.
  • Proximity to major urban areas—Warsaw is central to Chicago, Indianapolis and Detroit; Fort Wayne and South Bend, Ind., are both about one hour away.

Those and many other attributes make the Warsaw region a great place to work. As The Orthopedic Capital of the World®, it offers a rare combination of hometown warmth and big city opportunity.