The Village at Winona® traces its roots to the resort and educational community that was established in Winona Lake in the late 1800s and early 1900s. According to their history:

“By 1905 the Park was well established, and the schools were growing. The Winona Inter-Urban Railway, linking Winona to various cities, was financially profitable. Chautauqua programs held in the old Auditorium brought distinguished speakers and musicians. The period of 1905-14 was the Golden Age in Winona’s history with summer attendance reaching 250,000.”

The Golden Age was revitalized in the 1990s with the establishment of the Village at Winona, a lakeside collection of galleries, artisan shops, markets and eateries.

The Village also hosts a variety of fairs and festivals throughout the year, making it one of the most active local gathering and tourist spots in the county. Bicycling enthusiasts from across the community and the Midwest region congregate in Winona Lake to experience the nearby trails and the supportive environment.

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Courtesy of Chris Sanchez and Midwest Marketing